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The Death Trick

Is death a trick? Proclaiming so would be arrogant and improper, occupying a body that has the capacity to write this, and, as such, lacking the experience of death, or at least a conscious memory of it, recallable at will, which would be an inescapable requirement to make this assertion. Each and every living being stores in itself a concept of what life and what death "is", and the sovereign nature of these lamentations is : PROFOUND. This is a key element. The concept that you have of life and death is YOUR concept. It is YOUR unique concept of these things. It seems as life produces living beings, so they can build in themselves unique models and concepts of what life and death are, and this is how life itself seems to "happen" and find for itself function and entertainment, simply by storing in itself these individual and super-sovereign models on what existence in this world with physical attributes to it, "is". Life watches its own infinite mirror images by the infinite number of projections continuously created and maintained by the living beings that it - life itself - expresses itself through.

This existence with physical attributes to it, that threatens with the shadow of death, also is an existence that invites, maybe, even urges you to cultivate the most functional and beneficial energies in yourself, because the prospect of impending death certainly seems to be a very efficient inspirator to make the life you have here have SOME KIND of function. In a neutral sense, it does not matter what the function is, what matters, is to find the function, to play with, to entertain life. Finding the function requires effort.

There is no other choice than to find and submit to the function, because causing harm requires no true effort, and the most and the minimum you CAN and SHOULD do, is to exhibit the most valiant efforts you are capable to. Nothing less is sufficient from you, and nothing greater is required from you. You live to make efforts, or, to fail at them. Not doing the efforts is a waste of life, and a waste of death.

From the perspective of mere life, it does not seem to be economical to eradicate a perfectly valid living being along with the models and the inner worlds it constructed in itself - unique constructs, mind us - so my theory is that death is a trick and a humble agent, a trick of life and an agent of life, mere life's method to inspire you to do things that may turn out to be beneficial to your surrounding cosmoses and related living beings.

From the perspective of life, it does not make sense to end life with death. Death does not make sense, once life became evident. Death only makes sense if it is the beginning of something new a human has no immediate touch with when in a physical body, and the attributes death flatters - unknown, mysterious - seem to be established by life, so the living being's urge to exhibit its efforts, is guaranteed, because it - the physical living being - is subjected to the shadow of death. This recognition, of being subjected to impending and guaranteed death, also is capable to shape the model one builds in oneself regarding life and death. Life grows richer all the time, no matter what patterns you build in it. You can not escape it. You add to IT. A life that stops with death is a life to laugh at.

Alive, are we.
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