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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Illusion of Physics

Chaos, Order, Stimuli - the Prime Entertainers

Chaos is information. More precisely, Chaos is but raw information, being without form, without agenda. In order to be accessible in a reality with a physical nature to it, information needs to take on various forms so it could be perceived and/or deciphered by an outer intelligence which constructs its reality with significant physical aspects to it. Intelligence is non-physical in its nature and it is capable to manifest similarly non-physical data from the medium which is constructed to contain the information. In a text, letters are not the information. Letters are but the medium to contain the information and it is intelligence that deciphers the transmission through an understanding of the meaning consorting with the words, made out of letters.

Notice however, that, regardless of the intricacy and the subtlety of the form, pattern and the dominant way information manifests by, as soon as the manifestation itself occurs, information necessarily becomes the faithful entertainer of Order. While Chaos is nothing less than rampant, raw, formless potentiality capable to manifest absolutely everything what consciousness could conceive, the manifestation itself necessarily happens according to the rule sets of Order, though these rule sets could vary from extremely loose to extremely constrained.

To expose this notion from a different angle: once Chaos, as prime originator and inventor of information chooses to deliver some of its creations for outer scrutiny, the creation must take on a form which could be related to. A potentiality-, a form-, a pattern which could be related to, which could be observed, is necessarily part of Order. As long as Chaos is perfecting its invention, this particular potentiality remains a private resonance Chaos cultivates secret intimacy with. This kind of intimacy probably should be maintainable as long as desirable, that is: as long as the creator who is in connection with the field of Chaos is satisfied with the clarity and the quality of the information intended to be transferred.

As such:

Chaos is Ink. Order is Paper.

And, once the two do meet - stimuli is born. The thought/information seems to be in existence as the living tissue of Chaos prior its resonator conjures it and evaluates if the thought is worth perfecting or sharing. Regardless of the decision, all thoughts and all things non-physical seem to belong to this infinite potentiality field of Chaos and it also seems that all thoughts and all things non-physical could be invented, invoked, modified and/or perfected as desired.

In this regard, it seems defendable to state that Chaos and Order are the primal tools of information, a delicate hierarchy in which Chaos entertains Order, in which Order manifests the input of Chaos as an output that the outer intelligence could relate to. The number- and kinds of forms information could shape into are limitless, yet, as soon as a particular medium is constructed to contain the intended information, then Chaos, as Originator, submits to Order, since all potentialities - including the prime potentiality: information - must bow to certain rule sets in order to be perceivable by an outer intelligence once physical conditions are present. Once such a potentiality occurs: a stimuli is created.

Chaos is Ink. Order is Paper. Stimuli is Message.

Though it would be arrogant and foolish to state that there are no radically different realities than the one we perceive as consensus simply because human senses and a massively conditioned consciousness seemingly give no instant access to such realities, only a person with related experiences could possess a legit opinion about this matter. Not possessing the experience does not mean that the experience is nonexistent. How this consorts with the topic? Here is how: once a reality with a physical nature is under observation, - such as the one we perceive as consensus reality - then the concept and idea of separation seems to be an ever-present, ubiquitous phenomena. Sentient beings with a consorting physical form experience themselves as separate from each other and from their surroundings. As such, information, which in its nature - as we will see - knows no differentiation between physical and non-physical, may (maybe must) take on physical forms to be able to manifest the non-physical in the physical. That what stimuli is. An interesting observation is this: though stimuli seemingly MUST exist to express information once physical conditions are present, it is nothing else BUT stimuli which defines the rule sets of a physical reality at the first place. This is a trap, and probably the most mysterious and wonderful ever conceived.

Stimuli is a transmission/exchange of information through channels that may or may not exhibit physical characteristics. It does not really matter, since, as we will see, information remains entirely non-physical during the time it reaches its goal. The goal is manifestation. The power to reach the goal of manifestation is potentiality. A potentiality which has no capacity to manifest - is not worth being called one. Yet, one should not forget that a delicate potentiality is not necessarily picked up by a being who is currently not sophisticated enough to recognize that particular potentiality. In essence: a lack of potentiality of picking up on potentiality could be in effect at some places, at some times.

Manifested information does nothing else than spreading. It is existent prior to its travel, yet, by traveling - taking forms - it is expressed further on and keeps on resonating. Information fuels physical letters as the meaning behind the sentences, yet the meaning itself is entirely non-physical. One can touch the letters, yet one can not touch the meaning. Though one could touch the letters, the ultimate form of this experience - the feeling of the touch - yet again would be non-physical. Information equally fuels the sentient being as a soul, giving it a physical aspect to be able to cope with consensus, yet what the sentient being experiences and constructs its own consciousness from, is entirely non-physical, as well. The experience of the interaction with the stimuli pool is ultimately non-physical. Surely, the touch, the strike both seem to be physical - yet, eventually - what remains is the sensation, the feeling of the touch and the strike and these are manifestations of a non-physical force. One could imagine the touch as one could imagine the strike as they would be real. What separates the imagined stimuli from the physical stimuli? Consciousness does that. Consciousness does that and this is a limit.

The transmission of the stimuli to the observer is the mere fabric information travels along, yet, a consciousness that needs outer stimuli to construct a reality, is necessarily limited. Notice that what the mind constructs as reality is simply an inner interpretation of the outer stimuli. This inner interpretation is lived through by the consciousness as consensus reality, though, paradoxically enough, it is the outer stimuli that the inner interpretation - of the outer stimuli - is built of. If one dreams about touching a hot teapot the mind constructs the sensation as real.

Consciousness is a receiver, capable to interlock with stimuli to synthesize those into non-physical experiences, if, we will: into unique, complex interpretations of the feelings the stimuli have invoked. Consciousness is a canvas stimuli paints images on. Images formed of rampant Chaos, being calmed- and organized into patterns by Order. Consensus reality is created by relating to a stimuli pool/stimuli bank which is observable by sentient beings. Though every physical being with the capacity to experience will create a unique inner vision of the observable, it is interesting to see that experience itself - experience is the sovereign interpretation of stimuli - is yet another concept that is non-physical in its nature. Experience is but the interpretation of the stimuli and ultimately it is but the experience that remains - and that is non-physical. One can not touch pleasure. One can not touch pain. One can - only - feel them. One truly can not touch the touchable, as there is no touch, but the word for it and the experience of the touch. As such:

Information and existence are ultimately non-physical.

And here is the question: if consciousness can construct the reality/experience (which is necessarily non-physical) of the touch, the reality/experience (which is necessarily non-physical) of the pain and the reality/experience (which is necessarily non-physical) of beauty once consorting stimuli is present - then

What prevents consciousness from creating the stimuli itself?

Probably only consciousness prevents consciousness from this. It is what the consciousness regards as "real" that prevents it from living the reality it finds the most beneficial. But, then again - would that be surely fruity if a consciousness could live the most amazing reality it could conceive? Once one shows firm readiness and sober willingness to construct such realities - then the time is right to decide whether this question is worth pursing, or, if there is any other questions worth doing so with.

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