Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Least Important Folder

an anagram poem

I'm daft prattler on lose,
prattler of idlest moan,
deaf trollop's merit-ant,
distort-repellant foam.

Adopt, tallest informer,
slim, retard poof-talent,
an ill-fated Top Stormer -
Prattler of Model Saint.

Top Demon flatters Liar,
Damn-fool Letter-Rapist,
Fat, idle patrol monster,
Fatal splendor to merit.

Patterns alert dim fool,
formatted, polite snarl -
tolerant platform dies -
Poll of Terminated Star.

Talent fools trip-dream,
Top-retard, ill-fame Snot,
Soft, rapid reallotment,
Term-pitfalls adore Not.

Deftest patrol in Moral,
spoiled Talent from Rat,
Fine Mad Prattler's Loot:
transformed 'till a Poet.

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